As the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) remains ever changing, the health and well being of you, my clients, remains my top priority.

Training sessions in May will occur only on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 6:00AM-6:00PM.  Training sessions will take place indoors or outdoors depending on the request of the client.  Social distancing will be observed of 6 feet.  Equipment will be disinfected after each use and clients will be required to bring their own mat/beach towel for ground exercises.

Updated Scottsdale Spectrum Fitness Center Rules, Regulations, and CDC Guidelines are posted below.

The Workout of the Week (W.O.W.) will be geared towards at-home exercise so you can continue your healthy lifestyle.   And all other aspects of wellness that DDWC conducts outside of in-person training sessions will remain unchanged.

Your wellness is truly at the heart of everything I do, and I know that we’ll come through this stronger together.

To your continued health and wellness,

Tiffany Johnson, CWWPM, ACE CPT/GFI

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Scottsdale Spectrum Tenants (FINTESS CENTER CLOSED TO PUBLIC USE UNTIL JUNE 1, 2020)

The Fitness Center will be open for tenant use on June 1, 2020.  Times must be reserved in advance through a link that will be provided here.  Please review the updated rules, regulations, and guidelines to ensure that you are in compliance with health and social distancing updates.

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Off the Grid Fitness--Corporate Partner

Health and wellness shouldn't break the bank.  Complete personal or group training sessions with DDWC at Off the Grid Training facility in Scottsdale, Arizona and receive a 30% discount on monthly memberships for individuals (only $29/month with no contract!).

Fitness That Matters

Personal Training with an ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Your initial consultation is FREE.  Plan on spending about 30 to 45 minutes with your trainer--this is to ensure you are a good pair for maximum effectiveness in your training program.

Personal and Group Training

  • 1 person: Starting as low as $25 per 30-minute session at select locations
  • 2 people: Starting as low as $19 per 30-minute session/person at select locations
  • 3-5 people: Starting as low as $18 per 45-minute session/person at select locations
  • Fixed format classes for groups of 6 to 20 offered as low as $72 per 55-minute class at select locations

Training modes: TRX Suspension Trainer, mat-based Pilates, yoga, HIIT, weight training, all-terrain running, and more.

Training location options include:

--Off the Grid Fitness, 10050 N. Scottsdale, AZ 85253 OFF THE GRID FITNESS

--McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park, Chaparral Park/Xeriscape Garden, Camelback Park, Rotary Park, and select areas along the Greenbelt

--Client's home or office gym (excluding Scottsdale Spectrum--alternative pricing available for the Scottsdale Spectrum tenants).

Depending on if you already belong to a gym/wellness facility, training may be able to be conducted on those premise (subject to facility rules and regulations regarding private personal trainers).

Health Goals/Nutrition/Diabetes Coaching: Contact us for times available and pricing.

Meet the Trainer

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Tiffany "Tiff" Johnson

ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

Tiffany "Tiff" Johnson served honorably in the United States Marine Corps (1998-2005 active/2006-2010 reserves) and has taken those virtues (and some vices) into the private fitness sector.

With the 8552 Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)--Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor Trainer--Tiff knows how instruct at the most basic to the most advanced level... keeping it fun and engaging the whole time.


ACE Certified Personal Trainer #T179771

ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor #F105602

TRX Suspension Trainer Instructor, L1

Ballerobica Barre Instructor, L1

ACE Mind Body Specialty Certification (Yoga & mat-based Pilates)

ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist

American Health Association, Basic Life Support (CPR/AED) exp. 6/2020

Arizona Department of Public Safety, cleared Level One state and federal level criminal history verification

Tiffany Johnson and Data Driven Wellness Consulting, LLC are FULLY covered by commercial general and professional liability insurance.