Let's take care of the basics.

What is a Wellness Program and why does my company need one?

Well, long story short, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has a lot to offer.  And with those offerings come requirements as well.  Businesses must adhere to all those regulations or suffer the consequences if their insurance coverage falls short.

Wellness programming is a tool that companies, corporations, unions, and government entities use to ensure that they are crossing all their T's and dotting all their I's in terms of the ACA.

But more importantly, wellness programs keep employees healthy!  And healthy employees cost the medical plan less on average.

Wellness programming also ensures that your company's benefits package is complete and competitive.  You want the best candidates and you want to retain the best employees: wellness programs can help.


Most self-insured companies already have a wellness allowance in place but never use it?  That is money and opportunity wasted.

What is a Fitbit Program?

Fitbit is more than just a fancy pedometer.  Fitbit has a unique arm called Fitbit Group Health.  Fitbit Group Health was designed to support the growing needs of the corporate wellness culture.  You are able to purchase storefronts, portals, and receive discounts by contacting one of their amazing sales people.  We have a few contacts at Fitbit Group Health that we trust and we'd love to share those relationships with you and your company.

Does DDWC offer insurance products?

Nope.  And we don't plan on it, either.

Are you a Fitbit employees?

We are not employees of Fitbit or Fitbit Group Health.  We have, however, worked intimately with their product since its creation and we know the ins and outs better than anyone.

We work for you.  We advocate for you.  We know that Fitbit Group Health is HANDS DOWN the best corporate wellness tool for step challenges and overall employee engagement.  End of story.

What if I don't need a full-time Fitbit consultant or wellness consultant?

We can offer you our services based on your needs.  We have plans that you can contract into to save your company time and money, but you can make your timeline.  You know your company best.

How do I know if I need a wellness program?

Do you have employees?  You should have a wellness program.

What does DDWC do differently than other wellness consulting companies?

We are real people who have lived the wellness programming life long enough to know that the 1990s version of wellness doesn't apply to today's workforce.

We create a program for the culture of your workforce.

We don't offer a one-size-fits-all program.  We give you YOUR company's wellness and Fitbit program.

What is the meaning of life?

We are really good at wellness... we'll leave the metaphysical stuff up to whoever handles that.