Wellness Program Consulting

Offering insurance coverage to your employees is standard for most businesses.  But in an ever changing workplace with an evolving workforce, you're company will need to offer more to attract and retain the best of the best.  That's where a short and long-term wellness programming comes in.


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Fitbit Program Wellness Consulting

From contracting to launching challenges and education, work with someone who has run multiple Fitbit programs and who has established a solid reputation working with Fitbit Group Health.

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Personal Training and Lifestyle Coaching

Corporate business complexes and individuals can benefit from getting personalized exercise plans and coaching from ACE certified trainers.

Sometimes [work/family/life] gets in the way of your health goals.  Make "YOU" a priority again.

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Helping your wellness program succeed

Data Driven Wellness Consulting, LLC is who you use when you want your wellness program to shine.  Whether you just need help getting a few ideas organized, or you need something that will define your business and attract quality employees, DDWC can help.

In need of a wellness team?  We can create your worksite wellness program from the ground up or resurrect it from its current state.

With a team of nationally accredited wellness specialists, an M.D. heading our health goal coaching, an author, motivational speaker and diabetic leading the diabetes support program, and a few other behind the scenes folks, we are prepared to tackle any programming challenge.

We are known for our expertise in connecting our clients with Fitbit Group Health and maintaining engaging Fitbit portals for clients.  Fitbit Group Health is an amazing wellness investment that we can help you with.

Already have a wellness coordinator? Allow that person to excel at coordinating screenings, analyzing data, and maintaining a healthy workplace by letting us energize your Fitbit portal employee program.


Next Steps in Wellness Consulting

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